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Saturday, 15 March 2008
My First Love Affair

It was only my first week in this office, but the umpteenth time I noticed her eyeing me ... and I cudnt resist telling Sanjay: "Hey ... I think ..."
Sanjay: "What?" ... he followed my gaze and spotted the lady walking towards the table with her food tray and understood what I was looking at ... "Thats Sunitha!"
Me: "I think ... shez giving me glances!"
Sanjay's eyes widened, "Wow !!! So .. u r the next victim!"
I had to take my eyes off her and listen to Sanjay carefully, "Ehh ... What??"
Sanjay smiled ... and opened up the bag of rumours abt 'Sunitha', concluding with the gyst that "She has probably slept with half the guys here!".
All I asked was "Did u ...?"
Sanjay avoided my question and just said: "Everybody in this office knows abt her ... and will recommend u to stay away! But ... i know it'll be difficult!"
Now ... that was something ... what a reputation! I gave another glance at the femme-fatal, her long shapely legs and ample curves ... she seemed to have noticed my stare and gave me a teasing smile ... I knew it'll be difficult to stay away!

In the following days I discovered that Sanjay was not the only person who had this opinion about Sunitha. Most of our female colleagues looked at her with contempt and I heard them saying things ranging from "She acts wierd in meetings" to a more explicit "She flirts with her boss to get a promotion!". Most of the male colleagues pretended that she was nothing short of a '&^$&@$#%*@' and they had no business with her, while accusing every other guy to be her boy friend. My own observations was not very contradicting either. She wore provocative dresses almost always and had naughty flirtatious ways with most men ... the way she ambles and her posture was atleast suggestive, if not anything else! No wonder she became a regular visitor in my dirty fantasies! But, I'd always been nervous with woman and never gathered the courage to walk up to her and talk!

The ice melted only when I was assigned to a new project and moved to her team, directly reporting to her. Actually, thats when I realized that she was senior to me and was a little embarassed facing her! She surely noticed how nervous I was with her and looked as if she enjoyed my discomfort. It didnt take me a lot of time to realize what is "weird" about her in meetings. She had this habit of whistling a li'l loud during meetings. One of the explanations people had for this "weird" behaviour was that she cannot stand not being in the lime light, even if she is not leading the discussion. Yeah ... abt the other rumour, the boss was surely a big flirt and keeps flirting with every other woman in the team! Guess, she is the only one who entertains him and enjoys it!

Even though we forged a decent working relation, she never stopped teasing me. Every time she openly refers to me as the 'handsome young man', strokes my hair playfully or comes dangerously close to me, I would blush and cudnt help inhaling her raw aroma or stealing a glance at her assets. Boy ... this was torture. In my dreams and fantasies, I practised taking a step forward so many times, but wud invariably freeze when she was around.

Things took a huge turn, on a friday noon, when she suggested heading to a nearby restaurant instead of our food court. She said she was lazy to take her car out and would prefer coming with me in my bike! For the first time in my life, my pillion seat was occupied by a lady and she made sure I enjoyed every bit of the ride. Leaning forward, almost touching me and filling my nose strils with her smell. I did everything a chivalrous man would do for his special woman. Holding the door open, pulling out the chair open for her ... everything I knew existed and she seemed to enjoy the special attention :)

That was only a beginning .... of regular lunches in restaurants and longer coffee breaks. Others, including Sanjay, gave me meaningful, teasing smiles but I learned to ignore them over time. I knew, I was in love with her and didnt care what her reputation was ... didnt care that she was elder to me and spoke a language that my mother will never understand. Obviously, she knew how much I wanted her and we finally started meeting outside office hours - once a movie over the weekend, couple of dinners and later some home cooked food at her place! Alone at her house, my heartbeat became faster and faster with every teasing smile and every time she came near me. I was sweating profusely, more because of nervousness and she suggested going to the A/C bedroom after lunch. Once, inside the room, with she only an armstretch away, I finally took the step that I was practising all these days. One slight pull towards me and she offered no resistance. In fact, she quickly realized that it was unchartered waters for me and assumed the role of a good teacher ... I hope that I was a good student, since the teacher looked happy in the end :)

I felt like I was at the top of the world and told her that I would love to spend the rest of my life with her and didnt care about anything else. She said that I hardly know anything about her and went on to tell me that she was divorced once and isnt sure of starting a married life all over again. This was a little suprise to me, but I was unperturbed and insisted that I dont care about her past. She ended the topic with "lets see how it goes". In the next couple of weeks, I visited her and stayed over pretty much regularly, only to get more and more convinced about spending the rest of my life with her.

Things changed dramatically once our project got over and I was moved to a different team. She seemed to be busy in her new role and didnt have much time for me, so number of our meetings came down. But, I still worshipped her and was hoping that once the projects get over she'll spend time with me. All hopes shattered when I saw a new photo album of hers (must say I was peeking in her online album), a trip to Goa with three of her new team mates, all guys! I wanted to confront her, but the truth was that she will not be happy getting married to me and leading a homely life. She surely wanted a little more eventful life and I may not be able to provide her that. Now, it was only a matter of time before we drifted apart and almost stopped talking to each other.

Couple of months later, with a few new joinees in our team, we were lunching at the food court. I was explaing to the new joinees about the facilities in our office, when I noticed one of the guys looking at something. Turning around, I realized whom his eyes were following and everybody had a laugh, except me! I didnt know if I should say "Wow ... So u r the next victim!"

PS: I should say this is purely a work of imagination. Though, narrated in 1st person, the central character has nothing to do with me or my thoughts / opinions on women or relationships.

Posted by usandeep at 12:32 PM
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Saturday, 15 March 2008 - 7:52 PM

Name: "Preetha Nair"
Home Page: http://preethanair.blogspot.com

"...Parsley, sage , rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a sweet love of mine.."

...............heard that one ??? :) :)

Monday, 17 March 2008 - 6:25 PM

Name: "Sandeep"
Home Page: http://thecoolsun.blogspot.com

Had been here earlier, but only today I read some of them.

I must agree - Good Job.


Tuesday, 18 March 2008 - 6:54 AM

Name: "Sandeep"

Read a few more...

Most of them follow a similar line of thought. In my personal opinion, you could grow into a VKN :)


Wednesday, 19 March 2008 - 10:37 AM

Name: "Alex"
Home Page: http://www.livefrombangalore.blogspot.com

First love affairs are when your always vulnerable.I can relate to this. :)

Nice post!

Friday, 21 March 2008 - 12:29 AM

Name: "Rejil"

PS is not considered in order. Decided unanimously to be ripped off the blog ;)

Kalla Krishna… ;P

Kumbhasara Rahasyam… But note the point...ithu palli alla… vayikkunathu palliyile achanum alla.. ;)

What a heart u hv… to confess all wht u had!!!! ;P.. am I rite?? Question to somebody out there who has a sneak a peak…

Friday, 21 March 2008 - 12:40 PM

Name: usandeep
Home Page: http://usandeep.com

if u really thought, the story was real ... isnt that my success as the author ;-)

Friday, 21 March 2008 - 2:41 PM

Name: "rejil"
Home Page: http://rejoiceme.blogspot.com

Honestly... accepting to ur claims:) i had my adrenalin rushing as the story unwound. Thot that it's a true past till that naughty PS took the heat away!!! ;) 

So Smooth an inkblot ..U kept a young, aspiring ;) reader like me on the toes, with NO sunitha's in the office... :P

Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 1:02 PM

Name: usandeep
Home Page: http://usandeep.com

Preethu: Now, I have :)

Sandeep: VKN? u really wanted to insult VKN :) anywayz, thnx for the nice words :)

Alex: Yup ... I agree ...

Rejil: Now ... that was some compliment :)

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