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Sunday, 17 February 2008
Part II of 'A memorable evening!'

He had a pleasant smile in his face, though clearly uncomfortable with the dirty looking sheet in that dingy one bedroom house. She came and sat next to him and held his hands with a pleasing smile, trying hard to emulate a good host and make him comfortable!

He: "Hmmm ... I told u I wanted to go to a clean place .... and now u r charging me Rs. 500 for this place ...."
She interrupted him: "Not me ... aunty ...", she was referring to the dark, burly lady who recieved them at the door and straight away asked for Rs. 500 as rent!
He: "But ... I can get a better room in a hotel for much less!" ... he complained!
She just smiled to this and started flirting with her hands. It didnt take him much time to start doing the same! His fingers traced lines on her body and buttons opened up ...
"You smell good ..." he commented on her musky smell ... inhaling it deeply. She liked it ... someone commenting on her smell rather than her assets!

He was still content tracing lines and she started wondering why he is in any hurry to get 'good' returns for what he paid! At one point a li'l sound escaped her and he smiled: "Do u like it". She just pulled him towards her and wrapped her legs around his.

It took a lot more time before he started fumbling with the hooks. He was just forraying into unchartered waters when they heard a knock and the voice of the dark, burly lady calling her name. She quickly got up and saying "Just a minute ...", sprinted out, not bothering to pick up her cloths, but a towel one her way out!

When she came back a few minutes later, he was lying down lost in his thoughts. She tip toed in and silently slipped next to him.
He, with a smile: "What ... my time is over"
She, looking at the watch: "Almost ..."
He, still had a smile: "Ok ..."
She, curling towards him: "No hurry ... unless u want to go"
He didnt say anything, but silently and intensly looked at her and she felt weak after a very very long time!

The ring of his mobile interrupted their conversation and she reluctantly moved away to pick it up and handed over to him, noting the name "Chipki" flashing in the mobile display. He took the call with a grumpy sounding "Hello".
"Hello ... where r u?" a sweet voice from the other side asked.
"At office ..." he had a blank expression while uttering that.
"Had dinner?".
"Nope ..."
"Wanna come ... I'll cook!"
"Hmmm ..." ... he hesitated.
"I am sorry baaba ... pleezzzzz!" ... she pleaded.
"Ok ... " he said after some more hesitation, but still sounded grumpy.
"Thnx ... am waiting" and she kept the phone, obviously sounding a lot happy ...

He stayed silent for a few minutes and then silently picked up his stuff from the table, getting ready to leave. She looked at her watch, it was just past 10 and queried "Can u drop me back?"
He, looking a bit surprised: "At this time, will anybody be there now?"
She, with a smile "Why not ... there'll be people till 11."
He: "Ok ..."

10 minutes later, he slowed down again, and stopped his car near the sidewalk, for her to get down.
She: "Thanks ..."
He: "U too ..."
She: "Take care ... and dont go to anyone else!"
He ... just smiled.
She: "Keep her happy" and with the nicest and brightest of her smile closed the door and walked away.
He watched her for a while, started the car and drove away!

Posted by usandeep at 12:49 PM
Updated: Sunday, 17 February 2008 1:06 PM
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Tuesday, 19 February 2008 - 11:03 PM

Name: "Preetha Nair"
Home Page: http://preethanair.blogspot.com

Dichotomy personified!  ;)

Friday, 22 February 2008 - 10:09 PM

Name: "rejil"

bhaisaaaaab...aap tho fulltoose extramarital pe chal raha hein!!!!

but honestly.... enikku entho istaayi, thou the premise is familiar cos it happens most often.. :)

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