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Saturday, 5 June 2004
Girls!! Girls!!!

My friend and occasional date was supposed to come back from a vaccation around 2 weeks back. And she has promised to call me when she is back. We are not friends for eons, just met during a trek and then went out together 3-4 times, had some good time together and thats it. But, I did expect her to call me after she was back, unless her marriage is fixed or something that drastic happens :)

Last friday evening, I had nothing else to do. No dates ... no trips ... none of my friends were around ... no other programs. So, I gave her a call and here is the conversation for you:

Me: Hey ... whats up ? You didnt even call me for ur marriage?
She: Hmmm ... Let the date come ... I will call
[Oops ... I was shooting in the dark ... and this was indeed a surprise for me]
... some more details about the guy ...
Me: So ... when is the treat ?
She: Treat ? for what ? Why do u always ask for treat?
Me: C'mon honey ... u think this is not big enuf to give a treat to ur boy friend ?
[We do talk like this ... ofcourse it doesnt mean anything]
She: Let him come down to Bangalore ... The reason involve him too ... right ?
Me: Ohhh ... c'mon ... just b'coz ur marriage is fixed doesnt mean u cant go out with me. Dont be scared
She: Oh thanx ... I was so scared of u ;)
Me: I knew ... I knew ...
... Some more bantering ...
Me: So ... when is the treat ? I am sitting all bored here. Take me out tomorrow ;)
She: But I am booked for the weekend honey
Me: U r booked for the whole life, but not before u give me a treat
She: I will ... give ... any case u paid last time. I owe u that much
Me: When ?
She: I will call u ...
[Silence .... by now I know she doesnt want to meet me again]
Me: So ... u'll call me within 3 months and treat me within 5 months. right ?
She: :)
Me: Okie ... bye then ... catch u later
She: Bye ....
[Phone down and I called again ... immediately]
Me: Hey ... I didnt wish u .... Congrats and All the best
She: Thank you
Me: I know u wudnt call me again ... Thats y ;)
... some laugh ... banter ...
She: U r sure I wont call
Me: Yup .... 100%
She: :))) thats so sweet ...
Me: Bye ... take care
She: Bye
[Thats it and i felt really bad]

I cant blame her. She had taken enough precautions. Told me many times that she will get married as told by her parents and that there is pressure from her place for marriage. But she wants to work and have fun. Actually, we became good friends so quickly b'coz she knew I wudnt go mushy mushy about this. Anyways ... good luck to her .... Hope she has a good married life!!!

Posted by usandeep at 10:01 AM
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Sunday, 28 October 2007 - 9:38 PM

Name: "saritha"

Always go mushy mushy over any girl they meet...

Enjoy each moment as it comes and just go ahead :)

Sunday, 28 October 2007 - 9:39 PM

Name: "sandeep"
Home Page: http://usandeep.com/

Thnx ... Sarita .... for confirming the views in the story :-)

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